NEWDERMO Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

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Brand name: NEWDERMO
Type: Diamond microdermabrasion machine
Size: 66 X 134 mm
Material: ABS
Color: Silver White
Used for: Face Skin, Body Skin
Power: USB
Charging time: 3 hours
Model number: JR-NDM-11
In the set:
1xPortable carry bag
1xCharging base
1xCharging line
1xStandarded tip and V face tip(2 TIPS)


  • removal of old waste horny
  • suction blackhead, fat particles
  • spots, dilute the pox and India.
  • eliminate fine lines, wrinkles
  • vacuum lifting V to create the perfect face
  • to promote the subsequent absorption of skin care products
  • promote facial blood circulation
  • promote the formation of collagen and elastic fiber, make the skin elastic


  • The vacuum system gently pulling. deep massage the skin,promote the blood flow,activate skin vigor. Act on the best stretch point,stimulate the newly born of collagen and elastin. After 4-6 week,the skin will tighter and more elastic.
  • Diamond dermabrasion tips can remove the horny layer gently,and thicken the cuticular layer,let the skin become more smooth and bright. It gently remove the rough surface and debris. it is more effective and easier to control than manual method. After 4-6 weeks.the skin will be smoother and healthier.