Electric Blackhead Suction Tool Healthsweet

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Brand name: Healthsweet
Type: Comedo Blackhead Vacuum Extractor
Size: 18*3.9*3.5cm
Material: ABS
Color: White
Used for: Face Skin, Body Skin
Power: USB
Battery: Rehargeable battery 850 mAh
Model number: A392
In the set:
1 main engine
4 nozzle probes
1 Product Description
1 Usb Wire


Diamond head: Effectively remove the skin aging, brighten the skin color, tender skin.

Big circle hole head: Largest suction, for the absorption of the face T area and the body of the blackheads, acne, pls slowly move on the skin when you use, can not always get along with a place, so as not to produce red and purple skin.

Small circle hole head: Suction is weak, it can be used to suck blackheads, such as thin skin, tender, easy to allergies.

Oval Hole head: remove wrinkle. After sucking the skin, quickly unplug, unplug and then suck again. Promote blod circulation, increase skin elasticity, effectivelu removes lines wrinkle.