Blackheads (or comedones) on the face can appear regardless of sex and age. The cause of their appearance is the sebaceous glands, clogged with the remains of sebum, dead skin particles, dust, and dirt.
As a result, the pores darken, which gives the result of the notorious effect of small black dots or blackheads. The “favorite” place of their appearance is the T-zone, nose, forehead, and chin.
It takes a lot of time and energy to get rid of blackheads, and the result is not always effective. So, washing with special cosmetic means – gels, foams, etc. helps remove only a fraction of the blackheads. A popular home method – steaming and subsequent manual cleaning – is traumatic, leaves traces, and the risk of infection is high.
Much more effective are salon procedures. However, there is a small disadvantage in their regular application – the cost of sale.
The optimal solution in this situation is the pore vacuum cleaner for sale, a device for sale that relieves the skin of comedones at home no worse than salon procedures do. Blackhead extractor for sale is even more affordable for everyone!

How does this device work?

The work of the blackhead vacuum extractor for sale can be compared with the action of a vacuum cleaner for sale: under high pressure, it literally sucks dirt and grease out of pores, thereby purifying the skin.
In this case, pore vacuum cleaner for sale acts on the face skin gently, without traumatizing it and leaving no traces. As a result, all problem areas remain clean and smooth. In addition, pore vacuum cleaner for sale for home use allows you to cope with blackheads in hard-to-reach places – folds on the wings of the nose, chin. In some pore vacuum cleaner for sale models, there are additional nozzles that allow gentle facial massage.

Step by step instruction of blackhead extractor 

The whole procedure using blackhead extractor for sale usually takes no more than 10 minutes. At the end, you need to:
  • wash your face with cool water 
  • wipe the blackhead remover after use to avoid getting an infection
  • wipe your skin with lotion or home cosmetic ice (this will help “close” the expanded pores after cleansing with blackhead extractor for sale).
Use a vacuum cleaner no more than 2 times a week.
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