Skin Vacuum Extractor

Skin vacuum extractor is what you need for flawless epidermis!

As you know, at any age, our face needs not only a superficial but thorough deep blackhead skin care. Vacuum cleaning for these purposes is suitable as well as possible, because it deeply cleanses the pores, without damaging the subcutaneous fat, leaving no red spots and bruises.
Vacuum skin cleaner is designed taking into account all the nuances of facial care. It can be used by both women and men for skin blackhead removal. A huge advantage of this model is the possibility of applying cosmetic products that will enhance the efficiency of cleaning. Save your time and money – because you no longer need to carry out the procedure of cleaning in expensive salons!
The course of procedures for skin care blackhead removal helps get rid of numerous problems (comedones and acne), to prevent the appearance of pustules, to remove swelling and puffiness, to improve the appearance and tone of the epidermis, to ensure its beauty and health.

Advantages of a vacuum cleaner

The main advantages are:
  • unlike analogs, the device can be used with cosmetics to cleanse the skin
  • the device is easy to clean and disinfect
  • the risk of infection and skin damage is much lower than with manual cleaning
  • deep cleansing of pores, removal of comedones in a short time
  • suitable for everyday use by both women and men
  • ideal for regular cleansing of the skin of adolescents suffering from acne
  • vacuum exposure is also an excellent lymphatic drainage and toning massage of the skin
  • the device has a moisture-proof housing, which allows it to be used even in damp areas, for example, in the bathroom
  • there is no rehabilitation period, the skin is not damaged
  • numerous positive feedbacks from customers confirm the reliability and safety of the device.
Let your skin shine with health and cleanliness with a vacuum pore cleaner!