Face Vacuum Cleaners

Not every person can boast a completely clean skin without blackheads. Today, there are a lot of cosmetic procedures that can effectively purify a face’s surface, but the easiest and most accessible for everyone is vacuum facial cleansing with facial pore vacuum. It is completely safe and has virtually no contraindications. Suitable for all who have facial blackhead.
Vacuum purification is painless and is performed with a special device for facial pore vacuum, eliminating blackheads on face.

What is face vacuum for blackheads?

This procedure allows you to make facial blackhead extraction quickly and effectively. For facial blackhead extraction, a special device is used that creates a vacuum effect and, like a magnet attracts all the dirt. The procedure with the use of facial pore vacuum also allows you to remove from the skin abscesses (pimples and acne) completely painless. The skin is treated with the face suction cleaner, inside which the air circulates according to the clearance principle.
Refinement of the skin with the help of face suction cleaner takes place in several stages:
  • cleansing
  • vaporization
  • disinfestation.
Face vacuum for blackheads contributes to the detachment of keratinized cells, making the skin smooth and velvety. In addition, a permanent facial blackhead extraction:
  • reduces the risk of acne on the derma in the future
  • normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands
  • removes greasy shine from the skin.
But in addition to removal of imperfections on the skin’s surface, blood circulation intensifies, which also affects its condition and promotes rejuvenation.
Before the beginning of facial blackhead removal, the facial skin is to be pre-prepared: purified from makeup and steamed until the pores are fully opened (for better and more efficient removal). Then proceed directly to the procedure using a drain tube with a special nozzle. The session lasts about 20 minutes.
Face vacuum for blackheads is completely safe, besides being accessible to everyone. Compared with a cheaper mechanical procedure, it is completely painless and does not leave even microscopic wounds. In addition, mechanical influence on the derma becomes sometimes impossible with copious acne with numerous inflamed face blackheads and has a limited range of possibilities.


Face vacuum cleaner gives a higher degree of hardware purification, which has its drawbacks and advantages. The indisputable advantage of face vacuum cleaner is the minimal rehabilitation period – you may not break your routine, do not cancel walks in a sunny or windy day.
Face vacuum cleaner has a number of advantages, both for the mechanical procedure and before chemical peelings.
  • Firstly, this procedure is completely painless.
  • Secondly, the skin is not injured, which means that the period of rehabilitation is greatly reduced.
  • Thirdly, during the procedure, using the face suction device, the stratum corneum is not removed, which also has its advantages: the skin does not flake and does not change its color.
  • Fourthly, after carrying out vacuuming, the skin does not require special care; you can immediately return to the usual way of life.
Recommendations will only last for a couple of days, then you can use the usual cosmetics.
If you make blackhead removal on face using facial pore suction cleaner regularly. With each session, your skin will be getting closer to perfection.
You can buy facial pore suction cleaner at a bargain price. Just choose a suitable model of facial pore suction cleaner especially for you!