Blackhead Vacuum Remover Pen

Vacuum cleaner in mini format is the secret of your ideal skin in any conditions!

Blackhead Vacuum Extractor Mini is an excellent alternative to professional care. A compact device is recommended for use at home or in trips.
Vacuum cleaning with a miniature blackhead remover pen has a number of advantages over other types of similar procedures. Safe and painless face cleaning using the mini blackhead vacuum extractor leads to excellent results, quickly eliminating the face skin from contaminants, fatty plugs, and keratinized particles of the epidermis.
Small blackhead removal will cope with the deep cleansing of pores, preventing the appearance of pustules and acne, tightening the skin and improving its color. The use of the device does not damage the subcutaneous fat. There will be no bruises and redness after application on the face.

Who can use it?

Vacuum cleaning procedures using a blackhead stick are shown in the following cases:
  • oily skin
  • presence of black spots or sebaceous plugs on the face
  • uneven skin, prone to the formation of comedones
  • adolescent acne
  • swelling and puffiness of the skin
  • dull complexion

Cleaning with the blackhead pen is to be done as follows:

for the beginning, it is necessary to clear a skin with a lotion or gel for washing (if necessary before it, it is possible to make a steam bath for the face which will help open pores)
turn on the device and start cleaning by moving the pen blackhead remover over the skin surface in the problem areas (the process time is 5-7 minutes)
at the end of the procedure, wash with cool water and wipe the skin with a toning agent.
Vacuum cleaning is recommended 1-2 times a week, depending on the skin condition. Before starting the procedure, the device must be disinfected with alcohol-containing preparations, and after its completion, it is sufficient to rinse the nozzle with running water. Due to the moisture-proof housing, the device can be used in rooms with high humidity – for example, in the bathroom.
Regular vacuum cleaning of the face will be an excellent prevention of acne, comedones, and pustules. In addition, a good lymph drainage effect will affect the improvement of the general condition of the skin, which will come in a tonus and become healthy, fit, without swelling and unevenness.