Blackhead Vacuum Extractor

Blackhead vacuum extractor is designed for fast and convenient cleaning of pores, removal of blockages of sebaceous glands, acne with the gentler handling of the skin. This tool provides professional vacuum cleaning of the skin at home. Vacuum blackhead extractor is a real help in solving problematic, oily, contaminated skin and acne.
Vacuum blackhead extractor eliminates the unsafe for the health of hand cleansing of the face, protects against infections, and provides a healthy and clean skin.
A suction nozzle of a blackhead extractor tool with an ergonomic design makes it easy to remove dirt without pressure. Blackhead extractor tool is the first device in the world to cleanse pores of your face with the use of cleansing cosmetics. Blackhead extraction tool is indispensable for the removal of acne, treatment of “problem skin”. Blackhead extraction tool is suitable for use by women, men, teenagers.


Pimple extractor allows you to perform absolutely safe and silent cleaning using cleansing solutions, mousses, gels, and foams according to your skin type. This makes the pore cleansing procedure even more effective, extraordinarily fast, and pleasant. The cleaning procedure with pimple extractor leaves no residue, does not damage the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Vacuum pore extractor allows:

  • delicate vacuum facial massage
  • extracting blackheads
  • improving lymphatic drainage
  • eliminating edema
  • providing improved appearance and skin color.
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