Acne Vacuum Extractor

Vacuum acne extractor is the first device in the world that allows purifying the pores of the facial skin with the use of cleansing cosmetics. Acne extractor for the face is indispensable for the removal of acne and, in general, for the treatment of “problem skin”. Suitable for use by women, men, teenagers.

Acne removal

Acne vacuum for wet skin cleansing is designed for:
  • fast and convenient cleaning of pores
  • removal of occlusions of sebaceous glands
  • removal of acne
  • treatment of acne with the most gentle treatment of the skin.

The acne suction tool provides a professional procedure for vacuum cleaning of skin at home. Acne vacuum extractor is a real help in solving troubles with oily, contaminated and problematic skin, as well as with acne.

Benefits of using acne extractor

Acne suction with the help of a vacuum skin cleaner minimizes the risk of infections that may occur during manual cleaning, protects against infections, and provides a healthy and clean skin. Suction nozzle with an ergonomic design makes it easy to remove blackheads without pressure. Vacuum skin cleaner acts rather gently, but efficiently. You can choose the model suitable for you on our website and please yourself with clean and well-groomed skin today.
The cleaner is indispensable for removing acne and the treatment of “problem skin”. Suitable for use by all patients, regardless of gender and age, as well as the causes of acne.
You do not have to experience the difficulty of using the tool. Thanks to a special technology, your epidermis experiences minimal stress but is completely cleansed. In severe cases, you may need to repeat the procedure, but in any case, the skin will be cleared gradually. Another advantage of this device is in its long service life. You can buy the device from us at a bargain price and at the same time get an item that will last a long time and help keep your skin beautiful and clean!
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